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This consultation is designed for prospective residential tenants who would like to have their lease reviewed prior to signing a lease agreement. A residential lease is one of the most common contracts signed, but it is often misunderstood. This 30-minute consultation enables clients to understand their contractual obligations (i.e. what they must do), the landlords obligations (i.e. what the landlord is responsible for), and your legal rights and protections if the landlord-tenant relationship goes sour. This consult includes review of the residential lease agreement and addendums (50 pages or less). Leases that exceed 50 pages are subject to a $100 surcharge. This consultation is only for residential tenants who have not yet signed a lease agreement.

Angelik Edmonds, Managing Attorney
Angelik Edmonds, Managing Attorney
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30 min
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Phone Call
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Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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