Discovery Call (Phone)

This consultation is designed for individuals with direct, non-complex legal questions. During a discovery call, you will share the important facts of your case, and the attorney will ask clarifying questions about your legal matter. At the end of the call, you will have the opportunity to ask any specific legal questions (i.e. what type of claims can I pursue? Which courts can I file my case in?). The attorney will provide you with legal information about your options but will not advise you to pursue any particular course of action. Please note: Attorney will not review any written correspondence or documents during a discovery call. This consult is not for clients who have a contract (i.e. lease or employment contract), an open case (i.e. lawsuit), or clients who have video or picture evidence of discriminatory incidents. Clients are advised to book an Empowered Call for their legal matters.

Angelik Edmonds, Managing Attorney
Angelik Edmonds, Managing Attorney
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30 min
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Phone Call
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Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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